App Development in 2020

“Here are my predictions for where the app market could be headed next year:

1. As 5G continues to roll out in cities, apps will become more server-side centric.

The pivotal advantage of the 5G network is not the download speeds but the greater reduction in latency.

Latency is the time it takes for data from your device to be uploaded and reach its target, measured in milliseconds (ms). With 4G networks, the average latency is roughly 50 milliseconds. With 5G networks, according to Jane Rygaard, Nokia’s head of 5G marketing latency is “between 1 to 2 milliseconds.” Think about that. Data’s round-trip time from phone to server is 50 times less.

4G’s latency issues have been keeping bigger apps from reaching a broader market that lacks phone storage. But soon, apps will be able to be administered and used in real time without relying on phone storage. You will not have to download an app entirely at once. Instead, apps will communicate with a server and download in real time bit by bit. It will be the server that mostly hosts the app, not your phone.

Businesses with apps will need to prioritize having great servers to take advantage of the 1ms latency.

2. There will be more privacy on apps and more transparency of what apps are doing with your data.

We know that privacy is a growing issue. Apps ask our permission for all sorts of things. They ask permission to request device information and access to our cameras, contacts, microphones, locations and the list goes on. What a lot of people don’t know is what is being done with these permissions.

With many apps, you are essentially entering into a contract after you download them. You’re exposing your sensitive information to dozens of other technology companies, ad networks and data brokers.

This concerned consciousness got a lot of attention recently with the security risks of apps such as FaceApp. This problem is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s not just about security; it’s about transparency.

I believe we are going to see transparency become a selling point. People will want to know before they even sign into an app how their data is going to be used and where it is being stored. Only then will you be asked for permission.

3. Artificial intelligence will be a key feature in more apps, but in subtle ways.

Before replacing human abilities, I believe AI will augment the abilities of humans.

With this in mind, we are going to see the rise of “intelligent apps” that will predict user behavior and create personalized user experiences. You’ll see apps that suggest actions, ask questions and solve challenges for users. Over time, apps will collect a profile on you, and the relationship will feel more personal.” Read More

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