Health & Information Technology Career Program

Program Profile

The Health and Information Technology Career Program provides students with exposure to electronic systems healthcare professionals and patients use to store, share and analyze health information. This career pathway provides students with medical terminology, coding and billing, and patient care knowledge aligned with the content in the certification exams. From there, students in this pathway train on the in-demand health CRM software that enables hospitals and private medical practices to manage their interactions with their patients, employees, caregivers, and suppliers.

Employment of medical records specialists is projected to grow 8 percent from 2022 to 2032, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The volume of healthcare services is expected to continue to increase, resulting in a growing number of medical tests and procedures, all of which will require transcription. BLS.GOV

Schedule Evenings
Hours One Year Program: 48 Weeks   Total Hours: 900, 20 Hours Per Week
Method Classroom, Live instructor, Hands-on Labs, Certified Materials (Online Available)
Course Objectives Certificate of Completion & Industry Recognized Certification
Industry Recognized Certification CPCT/AMedical Coding | CPB(Certified Professional Biller) | PCT (Patient Care Technician)  | ADX201


Full Time Tuition & Fees $25,000
*Cost does not include the non-refundable application fee or third-party
certification exam fees for those who choose to take exams. Course
learning materials are embedded inside the Learning Management System
and are included in the cost of tuition.

Schedule Options

Part Time Classroom Schedule Options
(Central Time)
Monday – Friday (2 Additional Hours Exam Prep Per Week)
4:30-9:00 PM CT

Industry Certification Disclaimer

*Industry certification is a personal choice, goal and achievement of each individual student. IBTCareers cannot force taking or guarantee passing of certification exams.

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A message from the Program Director…

“The hardest battles are the ones we fight within.
When the internal war is won,
we can conquer anything externally.”

Paul Johnson — IBTCareers Founder, CEO & Program Director

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