Virtual Live-Online Training

IBTCareers is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education for Virtual online training.

Live Instructors & Live Audio Online!

Communicate Live with your classmates. See the instructor’s lectures & presentations. Share your desktop with the instructor when you have questions. All the benefits of classroom training in the comfort of your own home! What else do you want? (We do not cook you dinner;)

Anywhere Anytime!

•  Busy Professional?
•  Entrepreneur?
•  Demanding family responsibilities?
•  Ambidextrous?
•  Get your training when and where you want it!
•  Access to all training materials from anywhere on the planet!
•  Your Training at Your Finger Tips!

Speak with a IBTCareers representative for details!


Only at IBTCareers – We offer all of these FREE Student Services:

IBTCareers ‘Live-Online’ Virtual Classroom Training includes:

 • Live Audio & Video with Instructors 
 • Live Audio & Video with Classmates 
 • Share Your Desktop with Instructor 
 • Get Live Keyboard and Mouse help with Exercises 
 • Chat with Instructors & Classmates

Ask about your eligibility for other funding options. Scholarships & WIOA State Grants to cover the cost of your online training program!

Request a 1-on-1 Personalized Career Discussion

A message from the Program Director…

“The hardest battles are the ones we fight within.
When the internal war is won,
we can conquer anything externally.”

Paul Johnson — IBTCareers Founder, CEO & Program Director

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