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Salesforce announces 12,000 new jobs in the next year just weeks after laying

In a case of bizarre timing, Salesforce announced it was laying off 1,000 employees at the end of last month just a day after announcing a monster quarter with over $5 billion in revenue, putting the company on a $20 billion revenue run rate for the first time. The juxtaposition was hard to miss. Earlier today, Salesforce  CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff announced in...

Microsoft to replace MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE with role-based certifications

Microsoft announced on Feb. 27 that its role-based certificates will replace existing Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certificates on June 30, 2020.

How to set up a simple Google Ads testing framework for continual campaign

Regular PPC ad testing is easier than you may think — and can come with big rewards and set you apart from your competitors

7 Google Ads Shortcuts for Better Results with Less Effort

Be on your way to better PPC results. Just use these seven Google Ads shortcuts to help you save time and give you insights faster.

Google Ads to prohibit spyware, surveillance products and services

Google is updating its policies to prohibit spyware and surveillance tech products in Google Ads campaigns. including Shopping.

Meet the ‘chief availability officer’: Salesforce names Seattle-area exec to

Salesforce, the San Francisco-based cloud company known for its flagship customer relationship management software, has created a new C-suite role: chief availability officer.

Version 4.1 Of Appinium’s All-In-One Salesforce App Gets Major Admin Updates

Salesforce users who want real-time sales enablement, marketing, learning, and customer-service data – all in one place – now have even more tools and functionality

SECURITY & FRAUDNCR Blocked Mint, QuickBooks As Cyberattack Precaution

The hacker used third-party aggregation sites like Mint and QuickBooks to steal bank account passwords and siphon funds. NCR overturned the ban, which had blocked the sites from accessing its online banking platform Digital Insight, which is used by hundreds of financial institutions.

Cyber Security Hub Mid-Year Report Interactive Discussion

Practitioner Analysis On Cyber Security Challenges, Focuses And Spend Following the Cyber Security Hub Mid-Year Report, we come together as a community to discuss and debate the latest findings. Board Members & Partners have an interactive conversation with you about how to secure the enterprise against the threat landscape we all face.
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