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Several small to medium-sized businesses use QuickBooks with an in house staff but have you thought of becoming a QuickBooks Freelancer as a full time at home career.

QuickBooks is an accounting software create to make business functions easier. You could work with clients virtual to manage their accounting needs. After earning your certification, you could potentially create your client networks to financial your personal life.

Here are some benefits why you should become a QuickBooks Freelancer


You are in control of your schedule. If you want to work 9-5 or 11-8, it is up to you and your lifestyle. Always remember to alert your clients on your business hours and deadlines. Working with clients who do not know your business hours may create issues in the future.


From 3 to 20 clients, it is up for you! The size of the clients’ businesses also affect the workload and determine how time you will have to put in. For example, you may have one client that requires 8 hours for 3 days of work. Be sure to evaluate your current workload before accepting new clients or tasks.


One of the best things about being a Freelancer is setting your price. You want to be paid based on your time and experience. Do some research to see how much others may charge for the same services on Freelancer sites, such as Upwork or Fivver. Don’t go overboard but make sure your pricing makes sense.


Working at home creates less stress and pressure on you. In an office, you may have someone watching over you or coworkers constantly wanting to chat. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to sit in silence or take as many 10 minutes as you wish. Keep in mind that you still have a job to do, so you have to be proactive.

QuickBooks is a skill you must master before deciding to freelance. At CTIChicago, we have a program to prepare you for a QuickBooks- Business Admin certification.

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