“Only 17% of those working in tech are female. Added to this, a mere 10% hold executive-level positions. How can we encourage and support women to enter this booming industry?

Technology isn’t all about coding, data and electronics. The industry is broad and there are many sectors within the umbrella of technology there for anyone with a variety of experiences to explore. Before you can do this though you need to pinpoint where your passion lies.

Choosing the right workplace to pursue your passion in is almost as important as finding that passion in the first place. The best places to work at were the companies which recognise that each employee is different and caters to their individual circumstance. This tailored approach to employee relations works much better than adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy. It works better for the employees and the company. If you trust the people who work for you and show them respect, they will pay it back in terms of their work and commitment to your company.Read More

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