Allyson Kapin is the founder of Women Who Tech and the Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech. Her organization is helping to disrupt the health tech industry.

Chloe Kent: What inspired you to set up Women Who Tech?

Allyson Kapin: We launched Women Who Tech to create a community for both established and emerging female tech professionals, to bring them together as part of a virtual summit and hold our own conferences that talked about the key issues and challenges that we see women in tech facing. Before that, we were just surrounded by panellists and keynote speakers who were primarily white men, as if women in tech didn’t exist.

We did virtual telesummits for several years, where women could participate from all around the world – we worked with Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post and Rashmi Sinha, the co-founder of SlideShare – and then we took a step back in 2015. There had been such an awesome rise in the number of women in tech organisations, but one issue that wasn’t really being talked about was the lack of funding for women-led start-ups.” Read More

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