App Development: Artificial Intelligence

Today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are seen as part of the everyday life of large organizations in various fields.

The rapid pace of AI development – achievements in unmanned aerial vehicles, the ability to beat humans at chess and poker, automated customer service and analytical systems – shows that AI is a revolutionary technology designed to change the way people use devices and conduct business.

The appearance of intelligent machines capable of solving difficult problems in a way that only humans could previously hasn’t gone unnoticed. From the day of its invention until now, the AI technology has been evolving and improving. Due to its ability to learn, AI is widely used in many spheres. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, Speech Recognition, Machine Learning, and Machine Vision.

According to the 2019 CIO Survey by Gartner, the number of companies implementing AI technologies in some form has grown by 270 percent in the past four years, and by 37 percent in the past year alone.

It’s worth mentioning that AI in this context doesn’t relate to actual self-aware intelligence machines in a pure form. Rather, it can be considered a general term for a range of applications used by website and mobile app developers. They include image and Speech Recognition, Cognitive Computing, Automatic Analysis, and Machine Learning.

There are two main factors driving the fast adoption of AI. The first is access to high-quality, adaptable learning models. The second is the need to manage large amounts of data in a cheaper and more effective way instead of investing heavily in massive infrastructure.” Read More

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