What is the real ROI (Return on Investment) on app development? How do you improve your app ROI? The answer is in using big data and analytics to make decisions concerning the design and development of mobile application solutions.

Using big data for improving mobile app development process
“With a large number of connected devices, the amount of data every individual produce has crossed many bounds. Developers, to make apps more useful, require this data to be available in a structured form.”

Developing customer-centric mobile applications
“Big data analysis helps developers to understand what a customer really wants and his/her app usage behavior. This will help them create interactive experiences for the end-users, which will keep them hooked to the apps for long.”

Fine-tuning user experience analytics
“For an app to succeed, it should be delight its users. For the same, an analysis of customer experiences is essential. With big data in picture, mobile app developers can evaluate user behavior in detail, which helps in understanding the things to focus on while designing UI/UX during app development.”

Smart marketing
“Big data analytics is paving a new way for app marketing via business intelligence. Marketers are using big data analytics to target users more professionally and achieve efficiencies like never before. Using smart insights gathered using big data, mobile app developers and companies can extract meaningful conclusions from the data they gather from mobile app users.” Read More

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