Class Change Request

    Class Change Request 

    Indicate if you have consulted with your Career Mentor, along with the communication platform used.

    Indicate if you have consulted with your instructor, along with the communication platform used.

    Include below all reasons and adjustment to plan, if class modification is approved

    Future Tech Class Change Request 

    Establish guidelines and procedures for Future Tech Career Institute (FTCI) class change for FTCI students. This policy provides conditional information the student needs follow concerning requests for change of academic classes.

    The FTCI Program and Academic Director shall ensure compliance with these procedures and is also responsible for any reviews or updates.

    FTCI students who have been placed in a class not in line with their current curriculum or outside of the scope of their academic goals, may request a class change after reviewing prerequisites and speaking with their current instructor. Please speak to your Career Mentor to determine if your current class modification plan is in line with your Enrollment Agreement and within the scope of your career goals.

    Additional information can be found in the FTCI Academic Catalog

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