Advertising is key in the current market. With consumers fed large amounts of content every day, businesses have to make larger efforts to increase their brands’ awareness and revenue. With attention, Google Ads can be a great way to reach consumers.  

Here are some tips to improve your Google Ads results.

1. Pay attention to mobile

“From 6.1% in 2011 to 52.2% in 2018, the percentage of mobile phone traffic is growing exponentially. Be it any type of ad, Google is intelligent enough to format your ads for mobile, meaning they will automatically show up on mobile devices when someone searches for related keywords. But there are some ads such as “Call-only” ads and “App Promotion” ads” which are specifically designed for mobile.”

2. Write compelling ad copy

“This may be the most fundamental advertising learning but people still are not good at it. I want to stress the fact that your ads must be appealing. The majority of Google Ads are just posted for the sake of advertising. We need to understand our customers’ emotions and step in their shoes. Most of the time, we come across such boring ads that we may want to report them for lack of luster.”

3. Competitor analysis

“This is one of my favorite hacks that advertisers can use on Google Ads. Bidding on competitor keywords cuts down your research work and is highly efficient. Having a look at how others are running ads on the same products simplifies things a lot.”

4. Use exclusions and negative keywords

“Most advertisers run their ad campaigns for a while. Then, they check where their ads were shown and further, they optimize their ads to exclude some websites and apps. My point is we should exclude business categories (especially mobile apps) as soon as our ad is live.”

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