Motorola Solutions Inc. today announced its launch of the Tech to Protect Challenge, a national open innovation contest designed to advance public safety communications.

As a national co-sponsor of the initiative, Motorola Solutions will host the regional codeathon event Sept. 27-29 at the Schaumburg campus located outside of Chicago and invites all bright minds to participate.

The event introduces 10 unique coding contests designed to foster technology solutions to assist emergency responders in serving and protecting communities nationwide. Tech to Protect Chicago regional codeathon participants will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and talent, expand their professional portfolios and connect with leaders across the public safety and technology communities.

‘We’re excited to give participants the opportunity to create life-saving technologies that will have a lasting impact on our community and communities across the nation,’ said Ed Davalos, director of carrier solutions at Motorola Solutions. ‘Additionally, winning teams will be awarded from a pool of up to $2.2 million in cash prizes and will receive national recognition at the award event in April, 2020.’

All participants who attend the Tech to Protect Chicago regional codeathon will have access to resources —including researchers, scientists and public safety experts—to learn how emergency responders will use the technology and utilize those solutions. Each participant’s solution will be evaluated by a panel of judges and reviewers to determine the winners.

‘Emergency responders, including EMS, firefighters and law enforcement, operate in uniquely challenging environments,’said Dereck Orr, division chief of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) division. “NIST is proud to be a part of this initiative and invites creative minds to collaboratively address these communication needs with innovative technology for the future.” Read More

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