“Health information technology (health IT) specialists handle the technical aspects of managing patient health information.

Depending on their position, health IT professionals might build, implement, or support electronic health records (EHRs) and other systems that store patient-related data. They know what data is needed, where is it stored, and how the data is used. 

Their work affects quality of care tremendously. And, as they move up the ladder, health IT specialists become more involved in collaborating with other healthcare teams to drive improved outcomes, lowered costs, and new developments in patient care. Explore the role of healthcare IT specialists, including where they work, what their responsibilities are, and how to become one.

Where do health information technology specialists work?
Health information technology specialists support clinicians and staff across many healthcare settings, including inpatient rehabilitation facilities, acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician offices, mental health facilities, and outpatient clinics. Others work for organizations that do not provide direct medical care, such as consulting firms, public health and other government agencies, insurance companies, and software vendors Read More

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