The IT industry is evolving every day. One way to stay up to date with these changes is to obtain your certificates, such as CompTIA A+ Certificate.

Here are a few reasons why a CompTIA A+ Certificate is important for your IT career.

1. Boosts Your IT Career
“In any other field, you opt for higher education to improve your future career prospects. For instance, if you are a lecturer you go for a doctorate, Post-doctorate, etc. to enhance your qualifications for further promotions. Similarly, in Information Technology, you do different certifications that certify you are competent to perform certain tasks.”

2. Offers You Salary Hike
“Once you become certified, it becomes clear to your employer that you are a valuable asset to their company. This certification validates your expertise and the employer wants to reward you with a salary hike.”

3. Makes you Learn New Things
“In order to pass the exam, you need to learn a lot about the fundamental things related to a wide range of devices, such as computers, smartphones, etc. CompTIA A+ certifies that you have appropriate knowledge for an entry-level PC computer service professional.”

4. Keeps you updated
“Passing CompTIA A+ exam and becoming certified is just one step of CompTIA A+ Certification. In order to hold this certification, you must retake the A+ test after every three years and renew this certification.”

5. Allows You to Get a Job Anywhere 
“CompTIA A+ certification does not bind you and is not restricted to any particular place. Holding ISO/ANSI accreditation status, CompTIA A+ certification is internationally recognized. This gives you a chance to get absorbed in any IT company in the world. “

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