women in tech Retention hurdles

Women in Tech is a growing community but there are still a few hurdles to overcome. Some women find their dream career and have to leave.  

“Signs of a healthy corporate culture, one that encourages equality among its ranks, is a high retention rate among staffers.

Women who chose to leave careers in tech said three factors were to blame:

Weak management support (23%)
Lack of opportunity (20%)
Not enough work-life balance (22%)
“Unfortunately, it is the external environmental factors, like not having management support or fair pay that end up being the cause of so many women leaving the industry,” said Julie Elberfeld, SVP, card and small business tech / tech diversity and inclusion executive at Capital One.

For women who occupy senior roles in tech, more internal motivators come into play. Challenging work was tied with good and fair pay and benefits (39%) as the top reason why women stayed.

Flexibility in work-life balance (31%), the ability to participate in meaningful work (30%), as well as their grit and determination (30%) were determining factors to long-term success.

According to the study — a survey of 450 women in tech — companies need to take action in these areas in order to become equitable workplaces:

  • Offer women “challenging and rewarding work” that provide opportunities for advancement.
  • Ensure training is available at the right stage in women’s careers.
  • Pay attention to work-life balance and equal compensation.
  • Encourage social connections like mentorship and peer networks.
  • Support women in finding their sense of purpose.Read More

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