“A small, mostly indoor farm in East Garfield Park is planning to expand into one of the largest urban agriculture operations in Chicago.

Herban Produce, a nonprofit focused on growing leafy green veggies, is set to increase its capacity several times over after buying up several of the lots surrounding its location at 2900 W. Van Buren St.

Most of the farm’s vegetables currently grow inside Herban Produce’s 4,100-square-foot greenhouse. Its facilities allow the farm to produce about 1,000 units of leafy green veggies each week. That comes to over 50,000 heads of endive, romaine, Bibb and butterhead lettuce a year springing out of one of Chicago’s most devastating food deserts.

Howard also plans to add a vertical growing system utilizing A-frame planters with an integrated irrigation line, technologies that will allow them to grow several times more produce per square foot than using traditional farming techniques.” Read More

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