Applying for jobs can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. 
It is great to know what the hiring manager may or may not be looking for. It always helps to have a little inside knowledge. 
Below are some guidelines to build your CV from Holly Brockwell, a writer. 

DO: prove you meet the job spec
“Jessica Rose – founder of Open Code and co-founder of Trans*Code – says she likes to see ‘clear points that relate directly to points in the job spec. I like to see that the applicant has read all the essential & desired skills in the person spec and has done their best to demonstrate each. Makes it really easy to show they need to be interviewed.'”

DON’T: include a photo
“This one came up several times. In some parts of the world, it’s customary to add a photo of yourself to your CV or application. Besides the fact that this is an obvious avenue for discrimination (conscious or not), it comes across really weirdly.”

DO: explain why you want this job specifically
“VP of People at NEXT, Lyndal Larkin, advises ‘taking an extra moment to customise your mission statement or objective to the role you’re applying to,’ because ‘this demonstrates a sincere interest in the company, rather than blindly sending resumes for every available position.”” Read More 

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