“Be good at what you do, confident in that knowledge and most people will respect you regardless of gender.” – Gemma Allen

Gemma Allen works at Barracuda Networks as a Consulting Systems Engineer.

What got you interested in tech?
“At secondary school we were taught touch typing on computers, which prompted me to beg my parents for one so I could do other things possible. A year later and I was paying the dial up bills for internet access and learning how to upgrade the software and hardware as no one else in my family had any experience of computers.”

Background, career, and obstacles
“I got lucky at first, I was offered a job out of college from a friend of the family who knew I liked computers and needed a desktop support technician. I have probably been quite fortunate since as I’ve managed to build my skills and find the next role to develop them further. Rather boringly I don’t perceive I’ve had any obstacles placed in front of me, I have just applied myself to performing to the fullest of my abilities and seen where that has taken me.”

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